This Blog is designed to compare cheeses around the world.

21 03 2009

Today I’m going to Toronto to sample and compare cheese at St Lawrence Market and have lunch at  Queens Quay.

It’s Sunday morning with coffee and PC in hand, along with Cheese in my heart from my visit to St Lawrence Market.   This visit to St Lawrence Market,  brought me back to a night in Puerto Rico while working at  Online Revealed Caribbean.  My wife and I  were transported back to Spain as we drank Sangria, ate Manchego cheese and danced the night away at the famous Rosa’s Restaurant.

Manchego Spain’s most popular sheep’s milk cheese.  At any age, Manchega’s flavor is mild with a slight briny nuttiness.  In Spain, it is always found in market and restaurant menus where it usually appears as an appetizer all by itself, or perhaps with split green olives.  In some restaurants, it is offered as a dessert choise with either fresh fruit or honey.  It is also frequently used as a grated cheese.  As for wine;  Manchego is served the white or red wines, or a fine Sherry.grand-fromage-toronto-march-09-0264







Manchego at St Lawrence Market 








Grandfromage a the Port Credit Go Train Station







 Patricia and Christe









 Grandfromage at St Lawrence Market 



Hello World!

23 01 2008

Welcome to  I am the Grand Fromage (Christie Brusha)!  I retired in  January of 2008 and have been working on the idea of doing something where I can enjoy life.  Throughout my life I spent on and off 6 years in Europe where I learned how to enjoy drinking wine and eating cheese.  Although I started my work life in my father’s Italian restaurant working with cheese, I now plan to explore all aspect of cheese.  By the way, did I tell you I was born and raised in Wisconsin, America’s dairy Land???  Wisconsin has over 1,200 cheese producers and it’s finests cheeses compete within the world!!!!


  The Challenge:  Name a old world or European cheese and lets compare it to a Wisconsin cheese….